Common Causes of Warts And How We Can Help

Warts. No one wants them, but most everyone seems to get them at one time or other in their lives. Children are particularly prone to thiswarts benign raised bump of skin on the hand, foot or face. What can you do to rid yourself of these unsightly skin lesions? Dr. Trent Massengale, Dr. Jessica LeBlanc and Dr. Ashley Record at Atlas Dermatology in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, diagnose and treat the many different kinds of warts so you enjoy the clearest skin possible.

Causes and kinds of warts

Whether flat or bumpy, all warts are benign and painless. Caused by the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, they spread by skin contact. A handshake, "high five" or embrace will do it, and unfortunately, warts grow quickly and stay around a long time. The American Academy of Dermatology says that when skin is cut, bruised or otherwise injured, it is more susceptible to infection with warts.

Types of warts and their locations include:

  • Plantar--small, stone-like warts on the weight-bearing surfaces of the foot, such as the heel
  • Flat--typically flesh-colored and located on the face
  • Common--on the hands or feet
  • Filiform--on raised stalks on the face and eyelids
  • Subungal--stubborn raised warts around toenails and fingernails
  • Genital--spread by intimate contact

Dermatology in Baton Rouge and Prairieville treats warts

Dr. Massengale, Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Record employ various methods to treat warts and to keep them from returning. One tried and true method is topical application of salicylic acid which basically loosens the various layers of the skin lesion, allowing it to gradually slough off over a period of days to weeks.

Other methods include:

  • In-office electrosurgery which uses a mild electric current to kill the skin cells which make up the wart
  • Cryotherapy which uses cold nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart
  • LASER surgery which painlessly burns the wart

Whatever the treatment, your board-certified dermatologist will ensure a comfortable, effective experience that removes the wart and leaves no scar.

Preventing warts

What's the best defense against any kind of infection? Just as hand washing (according to Centers for Disease Control standards) helps stop the flu and cold virus, it prevents warts, too. So be sure to wash your hands before eating and after shaking hands and touching public surfaces at the office or supermarket.

Also, trim your nails and moisturize your hands and feet to avoid cracked skin, a common entry for HPV and other germs. Wear sandals of flip-flops in the locker room or public pool.

See your dermatologist

If you think you have a wart or other skin lesion, please contact Atlas Dermatology for an appointment in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA. You can have clear, comfortable skin!

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