FAQs About Psoriasis

PsoriasisFind out more about this chronic skin disease and what you can do to combat your symptoms.

Have your Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA dermatologists, Drs. Trent Massengale and Jessica Leblanc, recently diagnosed you with psoriasis? If so, you may have heard about this autoimmune disorder that affects the skin, but have no idea what it actually is, what causes it and how we can effectively reduce your symptoms. Find out more about psoriasis, which affects over 125 million people worldwide.

Q. What is psoriasis?

A. This skin disease causes patches of rough, thick scaly skin, as well as inflammation, soreness and itching. Psoriasis can appear anywhere on the body, but is most commonly found on the knees, elbows, scalp, legs and face.

Q. What causes psoriasis?

A. The cause of psoriasis is still something of a mystery, but it first starts in the immune system, where T-cells are activated against healthy cells. This T-cell activity creates a cascade of immune responses, which can lead to inflammation and rapid cell turnover.

When skin cells form under in the skin, they usually take about a month to rise to the surface. But in people with psoriasis, cell turnover happens in only a few days. This causes the cells to create thick patches on the surface of the skin. Stress, injury and even a change in the weather can exacerbate psoriasis.

Q. How will my Prairieville and Baton Rouge dermatologist treat my psoriasis?

A. Your treatment plan will depend on the type and severity of your condition, as well as the size of your psoriasis patches. We will also discuss whether you have sensitivities or allergies to medications before we prescribe any for your condition.

Your Prairieville and Baton Rouge dermatologist may first recommend a topical cream to help reduce inflammation, cell turnover and your body’s immune response. Light therapy or injections are also common forms of treatment. If different treatment options are combined, then doses for all of them will be lower than if used on their own. Combination treatments can often offer the best results for our patients.

If you are experiencing symptoms of psoriasis, or have recently been diagnosed and are currently looking for an effective treatment option, your Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA dermatologist can help. Call Atlas Dermatology today to schedule an appointment.

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