When Should I Have My Mole Checked?

Moles are growths that can appear on the surface of the skin. These moles can be rough, smooth, single, in multiples, flat or raised. Theymoles usually occur when cells that are responsible for skin pigment grow in clusters instead of spreading all over. These moles can be small, at just one quarter inch size. Most harms are harmless. However, it is important to be regularly examined by Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, dermatology professional at Atlas Dermatology to make sure you are healthy.

About Moles

Any changes in shape, size, color or texture can indicate some type of cancer growth. Moles that have a greater chance of becoming cancerous are most often irregularly-shaped, and are larger than the average and/or have a dark brown center or light uneven borders. Yearly skin checks from Baton Rouge and Prairieville dermatology specialists such as Dr. Massengale, Dr. LeBlanc and Dr. Record can save your life.

Abnormal moles can bleed, become scaly, or painful. Keep an eye on your moles to detect any changes early on. A visual check of the body monthly is important to see these changes. The American Academy of Dermatology has guidelines for determining whether or not a mole will become cancerous.

  1. Asymmetry: Does the mole match the other half in size, shape or color?
  2. Border: Are the edges irregular or scalloped
  3. Color: Is it the same color throughout?
  4. Diameter: Is the mole larger than 6 mm?
  5. Evolving: Is the mole different from others the patient has on their skin?

If any of this occurs, make an appointment immediately to be examined by a professional dermatologist. A biopsy can be done in order to determine whether or not a mole or moles are cancerous and should be surgically removed quickly. For more information on moles and knowing when they should be checked out, schedule an appointment with Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, dermatology specialists at Atlas Dermatology.

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