Acne Treatment Options

Who hasn’t experienced acne at some point in their life? Whiteheads and blackheads are expected for teenagers, but many adults continue to suffer from these blemishes long after that period of chaotic hormonal fluctuations. When acne becomes chronic or is severely inflamed or infected, it’s time to work with Dr. Trent Massengale or Dr. Joshua Pitre at Atlas Dermatology. With a dedication to a personalized regimen, your acne treatment in Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA, can work long term.

Consistency is Key

Overcoming acne often takes time and some trial and error. Some treatment options may not work well for your skin while others will work if given enough time. Whatever treatment you select, have patience before you write it off as a waste of time.

When you work with a dermatologist, you’re more likely to select an effective treatment option the first time around. Most doctors will work with you to create a full plan that caters to your unique skin care needs. That will include daily skincare routines that you should perform every day at home.

Creams and Other Topical Acne Treatments

Most people suffering from acne in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, start with over-the-counter topical creams and washes. Benzoyl peroxide and other well-known ingredients are often found in these products, and some are effective for many consumers.

When topical treatments found at local stores or online fail to work, topical applications with more potent ingredients are available. Some people also need topical or oral antibiotics to combat infection along with their acne.

Treatments for Hormonal Acne

Some types of acne are caused by hormonal fluctuations or imbalances. Treating the imbalance is key to eliminating acne, but that isn’t always easy to accomplish. There are hormone treatments that can help, including basic birth control pills.

Lifestyle Changes to Clear Acne

How much does your daily lifestyle impact your acne? Possibly more than you may realize. While not everyone notices significant improvements in their skin when they start eating healthier foods or exercising, many are pleasantly surprised.

There is no specific diet that you should follow, but your dermatologist may help you identify acne-causing agents in the diet you currently consume. In general, try to eat colorful foods with as little processing as possible. Fresh is always best.

How to Learn More About Professional Acne Treatment

Do you want to know more about your options for acne treatment in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA? Call Dr. Massengale and Dr. Pitre at Atlas Dermatology today by dialing (225) 313-4560 or (844) 313-4560. We look forward to creating a unique treatment plan that caters to your individual skin care needs.

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