Eczema Game Changers

Eczema is a common dermatologic problem and for years has been difficult to treat. Recently, two medications are paving the way for greater satisfaction for all ages with eczema (parents included!)  by combining low maintenance dosing with more effective clearance.
Dupixent (also known as Dupilamab) is a self-injectable medication that is FDA approved for patients ages 6 months and older. It is given right under the skin either every two weeks or once a month depending on body weight. It treats by blocking two chemical messengers (referred to as interleukins) from binding to their receptor sites that are responsible for the overreaction of the immune response in the skin. Dupixent has proven to be extremely safe with nearly no side effects, hence the approval for such a young age, and requires NO lab work. This medication is simultaneously improving two other conditions many of us struggle with- asthma and allergies, along with other indications gaining approval.
Rinvoq (also known as upadacitinib) is a once daily oral medication that is FDA approved for patients 12 years and older. Its mechanism of action is classified as a JAK inhibitor which disrupts the pathway that pro-inflammatory messengers travel along to cause the eczema eruption on the skin. Minimal lab work is required to check cholesterol and screen for tuberculosis before and during treatment.
The results have been life changing.  If you or a family member are struggling to find relief with eczema, call us  at 225-313-4560 to schedule an appointment to discuss which treatment options could be right for you.

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