Warts be gone!

Warts, medically also known as verruca vulgaris, are caused by the human papillomavirus and commonly occur on hands and feet but can appear anywhere on the body. We typically see warts in school age children due to their contagious nature although patients can present all the way up through adulthood. They can be stubborn, painful, grow in size, bleed easily and are often cosmetically displeasing. In dermatology, this is a condition we see daily, and it often comes with frustration from both the patient and family. Without treatment, warts will eventually go away…in years. Luckily, there are a few in office treatments to speed up the process.  
Immune Therapy
Our favorite and gaining popularity
A small amount of yeast protein is injected in just 2-3 of the warts (if multiple are present)  
The goal is that our body’s immune system attacks and learns how to recognize the wart virus. All of the patient’s warts go away when that happens.  
Less painful option
Quicker post recovery (no blistering/pain following)
May experience some redness and itching at sites around 24 hours following but that is a sign it is working and recognizing the virus
Patience is required as this process may take 2, 3, or more treatments each being one month apart
Good option for a singular wart  
Liquid nitrogen is sprayed directly onto wart to “freeze” it
Can cause some pain during the procedure  
Post therapy blister will form and eventually fall off with the wart with it  
May require more than one treatment once site is healed if wart persists
Wart is numbed superficially with lidocaine, electric cautery is used to burn the area, then scraped to remove debris  
Painless in office due to numbing  
Leaves open sore that needs to be cared for and kept clean following procedure  
Treatments can be used alone or in some cases in combination for those stubborn areas not responding to therapy. Remember, everyone suffers with a wart or two at some point during their life. Let Atlas Dermatology help you minimize discomfort, remove them faster, and keep them from spreading.

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