Managing Your Psoriasis Symptoms

If you are one of the millions of psoriasis sufferers, Dr. Trent Massengale and the team at Atlas Dermatology in Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA provide tips below to help ease the irritation.

6 Tips for Managing Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is a disorder in which the body reproduces skin cells too quickly, resulting in patches on the skin’s surface. It’s a chronic condition that impacts millions of people. Unfortunately, it’s not a curable disorder, leaving people suffering throughout their entire lives.

Medications can go a long way in treating psoriasis, but taking care of yourself is equally as important. Dr. Massengale and the team at Atlas Dermatology in Prairieville and Baton Rouge, LA share tips to help manage the disorder below.

Keep Your Skin Clean and Moisturized 

Cleansing your skin consistently is important, but you need to be careful how you do it. Use cleansers for sensitive and dry skin, and skip exfoliation. This can actually worsen flare-ups.

And after cleansing, be sure to moisturize with fragrance-free products to help seal in hydration. Many people also find it helpful to use a corticosteroid ointment before bed.

Find Ways to Manage Stress 

People with psoriasis tend to have more flare-ups when stress levels are high. Learning to manage stress can be very helpful in managing symptoms. Some ideas for effective stress management are daily walks, journaling, meditation, yoga, reading, talking with friends, or a creative hobby.

Enjoy the Sun – In Moderation 

UVB rays have healing powers – they can help reduce the production of skin cells and inflammation. However, prolonged sun exposure can lead to other issues. Make it a priority to get out in the sun for a few minutes each day, but be sure that you’re wearing sunscreen.

Care for Cuts and Scrapes

Damage to the skin can trigger psoriasis flare-ups, but caring for it as soon as possible can limit the impact. If you notice any cuts or scrapes, clean, disinfect and bandage the area as soon as possible.

Consider a Humidifier 

Dry air is an issue when you’re working to keep your skin moist. If the air in your home is dry, turn on a humidifier to help.

Avoid Scratching 

It can be difficult not to scratch when your skin is itchy, but scratching can make matters worse. Try a cold compress or ointment to the itchy area, instead.

For more help managing your psoriasis, schedule an appointment with Dr. Massengale at Atlas Dermatology. Call (225) 313-4560 for the office in Baton Rouge, LA, and (844) 313-4560 for the office in Prairieville, LA.

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