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  • August 2020 Newsletter
    What is Psoriasis?Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory condition that predominately affects the skin and joints. More than 125 million people worldwide have psoriasis, which is roughly 2-3% of the population. Read more
  • How the Dermatologists at Atlas Dermatology Can Help You Achieve Healthier Skin
    Dermatologists help their patients achieve healthier skin for life. At Atlas Dermatology in Baton Rouge and Prairieville LA, Dr. W. Trent Massengale and Dr. Joshua Pitre are the board-certified skin Read more
  • July 2020 Newsletter
    Sun Protective Clothing: What’s the Hype? Louisiana is known as sportsman’s paradise, and many individuals living in this great state, including myself, participate in a variety of outdoor activities. One of Read more
  • June 2020 Newsletter
    https://spark.adobe.com/page/qKZjT0Y4JyPLq/ Read more
  • Helping You Deal With Your Psoriasis Symptoms
    Are you one of the millions of Americans with psoriasis? At Atlas Dermatology in Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, we know how frustrating, embarrassing, and painful psoriasis can be. So, Read more
  • May 2020 Newsletter
    From the day I began to show interest in dermatology, family, friends, and patients have frequently asked, “Does this spot look like cancer?”.  Dermatologists diagnose and treat a wide range of Read more
  • Atlas Dermatology to offer in-office appointments starting May the 4th
    On May the fourth (national Star Wars Day), Dr. Massengale and his team will begin to see patients in the office for patients requiring in person services.  “We have developed a Read more
  • Tips to Have the Best Teledermatology Appointment
    Here’s some tips from Atlas Dermatology on how to have the best teledermatology appointment possible: 1. Make an appointment either by phone 225-313-4560 or on-line (by clicking the Appointment Request link) 2. Look Read more
  • Atlas' April 2020 Newsletter
    Ask Dr. Massengale Forced change…silver linings There is no denying that COVID19 has had a major negative impact on our daily lives. Stress levels are high in our community. Health and financial Read more
  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy, Oak and SumacPoison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac are common plants of the genus toxicodendron that contain an oil called urushiol. When urushiol oil touches the skin, Read more
  • Hives (urticaria)
    Hives (Urticaria)   Hives, also called "urticaria", is an allergic reaction that appears on the skin as a red, bumpy, and very itchy rash. The bumps may be referred to as "welts" or "wheals" Read more
  • Make Seeing Your Dermatologist Part of Your Skin Care Routine
    Going to the dentist and a primary care physician each year is something most of us do. However, did you know that it's important to see a dermatologist regularly as Read more
  • Treatments For Acne
    Getting rid of acne is one of those things that often sounds a lot easier than it actually is. After all, over-the-counter medications or dietary changes that work well for Read more
  • Keeping an Eye on Your Moles
    When was the last time you saw your dermatologist for a skin cancer screening? We are seeing a rise in the number of Americans being diagnosed with melanoma, a serious and Read more
  • Warning Signs That You May Have Skin Cancer
    You don’t have to be a sunbather in order to deal with skin cancer. While there are indeed certain risk factors that can predispose you to this condition, skin cancer Read more
  • Treating Your Eczema
    Paying attention at work or school isn't always so easy if your skin won't stop itching. Red, itchy skin is a common symptom of eczema, a skin condition that affects Read more

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